Leadership Guidelines (For Ministry Team Leaders and Assistant Leaders)

Each FreedomFest|DC Outreach Team Leader supports the following guidelines:

  1. Support the Vision, Core Values and Statement of Faith of FreedomFest|DC.
  2. Each potential Outreach Team Leader has demonstrated Christ-like character in his or her church or ministry.
  3. You’re comfortable with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.
  4. Attend any scheduled Prayer and Connection meetings before the event.
  5. Build your team with volunteers and helpers ahead of the event and meet with them as needed. (You will work closely with the Volunteer Check-In Team Leader for volunteers needed on your team on 7/4).
  6. Seek to be a servant above all else while working with your team and others at the festival.
  7. Recruit Assistant Team Leaders as necessary.
  8. Remember that there are a number of people from different like-minded churches and backgrounds serving together on the Mall on 7/4.
  9. Be flexible. Things may not work out exactly as planned so we encourage all Team Leaders to be ready for things to come up. The Event Coordinator is there to assist you as needed.
  10. Overall, remember that the “first language” of evangelism is love (John 13:35).
  11. Don’t forget to have fun serving alongside of others!